Fontenille Pataud

Branding, UX/UI


Fontenille Pataud is a company making fine cutlery. Each knive is unique and traditionally handmade in the city of Thiers in central France.For this client I worked on the brand identity, the e-commerce website's deign as well as editing the products pictures.

The goal was to modernize the brand while focusing on tradition and heritage. The main strength of Fontenille Pataud is to make ancestral knives using traditional techniques. For the logo, we chose to put an emphasis on the compass which represents. he first emblem of the brand and whic is still engraved on the blades.

The pictures used to illustrate the products were lacking of harmony. Also, the whites balance, the exposure and the position of the knife in the image were not aligned from one photograph to another. Fontenille Pataud knives being made on demand, it was not possible to rephotograph the whole categorie of products. A cropping job was made and a Photoshop script was created to automatically harmonize the visuals and make them more attractive.

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Video - Julie Bouton

Photos in situ - Felix De Malleray